How to change your name on Snapchat?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to change your name in Snapchat. Sanpchat is a space where the users are usually looking to increase their popularity, so the display name should be unique and amazing. Having a cool name can make quite a difference in your popularity quotient. So if you feel like your name is too common and not catchy or cool enough, you may want to go for a new one. Or it may so happen that you want to distance yourself from your current audience and make a fresh beginning.vszdvaedfaew

But the sad news is that Snapchat does not allow its users to change their username once an account is created. Although the reason for this is not quite clear, it may have something to do with monetization. So if you are looking forward to changing your username, there are only two ways in which you can do so.


Changing your display name

The display name is that name which gets attached to your account. So whenever you post something, your friends will see it as coming from your display name. Hence, to build a huge audience, it is extremely important to use the same display name as your username. The main reason for this being that Snapchat only allows its users to make searches using the username.vzxvadfaew

When your friends recommend you to their friends, they will obviously do so by giving them your username. When these people look for you, they will be able to find you if your username does not match. Instead, they might end up following the wrong person.

Or it may so happen that your friends like your post and since any post in Snapchat only stays for twenty-four hours, they may immediately inform their friends about it. If your username does not match your display name, it may be a huge downfall.

It will be a reason that you will miss a lot of exposure and opportunities. Therefore, having the same username and display is a great strategy for increasing your following. Since Snapchat puts no restriction in changing your display name, you can change your display name and make it the same as your username.

Opening a new account
If you think that you have not handled your snapchat account hack properly or if you feel like you have made mistakes in posting some snaps, you want to distance yourself from your current followers and start anew. Also, popularity in Snapchat does not happen overnight. You will have to maintain an attractive and cool image. If you have made a habit of replying to all the comments and messages, your audience might get offended when you do not do so. So if you want to make a fresh start owing to any of these reasons, you can always do so by deleting your old account and opening a new one with the username of your preference. You will be notified when the deletion is complete, and this time, you can keep a username of your choice.

Pokemon GO – How To Evolve Eevee!

Evolve Eevee correctly

Can there be a Pokemon go fan who doesn’t want to win the game? The answer is probably not. Yes, it is true that the craze of this new video game still exists and you can’t avoid the attraction of the game. Even an aged person can be addicted to the beauty of this game. Truly Pokemon go is a beautiful game and you can enjoy every bit of this game. Now, while playing this game, you can use some options for more options you can use pokemon go cheats. The aim of using those options is to make the game more interesting and simultaneously more attractive. One such option is to evolve Eevee. With the proper evolution, you can create a new dimension to the game.


Now it is necessary to evolve the Eevee correctly so that you can have the proper result. There are several ways that you can apply to complete the evolution. But you have to search for the best ways.

Ways to evolve Eevee correctly: 

Select and capture an Eevee:   To evolve an Eevee it is necessary to find an Eevee. Actually, Eevee is a normal Pokemon, and you can find them easily in the town centers. Now one key feature of the Eevee is it is difficult to find them in every place like you can’t find them in the forests and near the water area. Now to capture the Eevee you have to use the PokeBall. You have to whip out the ball to capture the Eevee.

Find the Eevee correctly to evolve:  There are three Eevee brothers; they are Pyro, Sparky, and Rainer. Now it is your responsibility to select which one you want to evolve.  Remember, you have to choose the correct one according to your requirements because proper Eevee can help you to explore the proper result.  So, to evolve an Eevee, first select the pencil icon to the right side of the selected Eevee’s name. Now press the icon and type the Eevee’s name you actually want and hit the OK.

The three Eevee will evolve differently.  The Pyro Eevee must evolve into Flareon, the Sparky Eevee into Jolteon and the Rainer Eevee into Vaporeon.

Don’t forget to give candy:  Every Pokemon responds to its own candy. That means you can use candy to progress into the evolution process. So, it is necessary before approaching for an Eevee to count the number of candy that you have collected so far because different Pokemon requires a different number of candies. To increase the collection of the candy, you can apply several ways like you can catch Pokemon or by hatching eggs.


You can create have Eevee’s friendship:  By using the perfect app, you can have the Eevee’s friendship. Here friendship means to create a suitable way to complete the evolution of the Eevee correctly.

So, the above discussion has clearly indicated the easiest ways to complete the evolution process. There are several other ways that you can apply to complete the process, but the above-mentioned process can give the best and the most positive result.