Earth’s natural satellite

Satellite is some object or some planet which generally orbits around another planet or star. The planet earth has its own natural satellite. And it is known as the moon. And as the planet Earth itself rotates around the sun, it can be considered as a satellite.


So, if you have interest about the natural satellite of the planet Earth, then it can be expected that this particular discussion will help you a lot.

When it comes to the different natural satellites, the moon is considered as the fifth largest natural satellite. And at the same time, it is the only natural satellite of the planet Earth. The distance of the moon from the planet earth is about 1.28 light seconds.

There are different theories and hypotheses exist regarding the creation of the earth’s natural satellite moon.  But it is generally accepted that the moon was created almost 4.5 billion years ago, by a cosmic effect. Though different scientists have tried to establish a completely different hypothesis, but those hypotheses are not so popular, and at the same time, the acceptance rate of those theories and hypothesis are quite low as well.

The moon orbits around the planet earth. And the rotation of the moon is the synchronous type rotation (Which is generally ideal for most of the natural satellites). These points surely indicate that, the moon may be the natural satellite of the planet Earth. But the atmosphere of the moon is significantly different than the earth. In fact, there is no existence of air in the moon. So, you can’t use oxygen naturally like you can do it in the earth. And that’s why the moon has no habitats. The lands of this satellite are full of volcanic eruptions. In fact, every bit of space in the moon is fairly unstable.

So, the moon may look quite beautiful and attractive when you see it from the earth, but in reality, it is not the case. In fact, the moon is nowhere near to the beauty.

The size of the moon is fairly less than the size of the earth. And at the same time, it is significant that the moon has gravitational power, but it is less than the planet earth. To be precise, the gravitational power of the moon is the one-sixth of the gravitational power of the planet earth.

In recent times there are plenty of projects are ongoing on the moon. And NASA takes the main initiative. The first human being who stepped on the Mars was Neil Armstrong who stepped on the Mars on July 16, 1969. And since then NASA has sent many astronauts in the moon to do some research work. And their research work is really bringing some fruitful results as well. And now we can know numerous amounts of different things about the moon, and that credit goes to NASA and their team of astronauts more details And at the same time, different scientists have also helped to execute the job.

Albert Einstein – the fate of a genius

Albert Einstein – the fate of a genius


Born Germany, in 1879, Albert Einstein elaborated the special and common theories of relativity. In 1921 he won the Nobel Prize for physics because it could explain the photoelectric effect. It was died on April 18, 1955, in Princeton, New Jersey. He grew up in a family of Hebrew. His father, Herman Einstein was engineer and salesman, with his brother, founded a company that deals with the manufacture of electrical equipment. It was based in Munich, Germany and named Elektrotechnische Fabrik J, Einstein & Cie. His mother, Pauline Kock was formely a housewife. Eistein had one sister, Maja, who  was born two years after him. Einstein attended primary educational at the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich. He loved refined music and played the violin. However he felt distant and tormented by rigid education he received there. He had a deficiency in oral speech is manifested by a slow pace and pauses in speech in order to think about what is meant. Later, Einstein wrote two moments that have marked her childhood.  Albert Einstein One of them was meeting with a compass at the age of five when she got charmed by the force that moves the needle. The second moment occurred at the age of 12 when he discovered a geometry book that he read it countless times.


In 1889, Einstein family invited a Polish medical student who had a precarious financial situation, Maz Talmud, to come to their home for dinner every Thursday. Talmud became the unofficial tutor to the young Albert, who taught him mathematics and philosophy at the advanced level. One of the books he borrowed Talmud and Albert was a science book for children in which the author imagined a walk with electricity flowing through a telegraph cable. Einstein began to wonder how it would look a ray of light if you run it side by side with the same speed. If light were a wave, then the beam would seem that does not move like a frozen wave. Although, in fact, the beam moves. In 1894 Hermann Einstein’s company miss to secure a major contract to be able to install an electricity grid in Munich, and he was obliged to move with his family to Milan, Italy. Albert stayed at a boarding school in Munich, which belonged to a relative, to be able to finish his studies at the Luitpold Gymnasium. Giving chest when military service was compulsory age, Albert withdrew from school and used a note from the doctor, claiming he suffers from nervous fatigue to justify refusing admission.  In this way, come to Milan to join his parents. They share his feelings, but were concerned about the future consequences that would have to face Albert due to dropout and that he avoided military service and that he had no skills that will help them find a job. Einstein will remember that years in Zurich were the happiest of his life. He met many students who would become his loyal friends, Marcel Grossmann, a mathematician, and Michele Besso they enjoy having long conversations about space and time. At the same time, and he met his future wife, Mileva Maric, student in physics.